The Instruction BookInstruction Book for the Tavalimba

Learning to play the Tavalimba is as easy as child’s play

Along with your Tavalimba, you will receive an instruction book with exercises for your fingers, directions for learning the notes, and practical tips for playing the instrument, as well as sheet music for some of the pieces featured on the video page.

Not included is music for the compositions “Valse de Amelie,” the theme from Forrest Gump, “Fields of Gold,” and “Caruso.” Negotiations with publishing companies for permission to reprint the music for these are currently underway. Another music book with these pieces and other well-known works is planned, and will be offered in the shop when it becomes available.
Purchasing a Tavalimba also gives you access to all the instruction videos on the website, including ones for tuning the instrument, the exercises, and all music pieces played both slowly and at a normal tempo.

The instruction manual is arranged in order of difficulty. You begin with simple melodies, learning chords and developing a feel for the instrument.

The 16 notes of the Tavalimba are easily learned, even for someone who has never played by notes before. As an aid, there is a strip of notes showing which lamella corresponds to which note (see diagram). After a few days of practice, you will no longer need that aid, and will be able to play just by looking at the sheet music.

The printed music book is in German. An English digital version of it is available for download once you purchase your Tavalimba.

Along with the exercises, the instruction manual contains sheet music for the following songs:

  • Guten Abend, gute Nacht – Johannes Brahms
  • Danny Boy - Music Frederick Edward Weatherley
  • Waltzing Matilda - Music: James Barr
  • Theme from „Jesu joy of men‘s desiring“- Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Lili Marleen - Music: Norbert Schultze
  • Walzer Nr. 1 - Music: Sammy Tavalis
  • Rag and time - Music: Sammy Tavalis
  • Harp - Music: Sammy Tavalis
  • Opus 4 - Music: Sammy Tavalis
  • Rolling fingers - Music: Sammy Tavalis
  • Bossalimba - Music: Sammy Tavalis

Not in the manual, but planned for inclusion in a future music book:

  • Valse d‘ Amelie – Music: Jann Tiersen
  • Theme from „Forrest Gump“ – Music: Alan Silvestri
  • Caruso – Music: Lucio Dalla
  • Fields of gold - Music: Sting
  • Mack the knife - Music: Kurt Weill

Notenhilfe für die 16-Ton-Kalimba